Northern Newsthis is the district newsletter and is published four times per year. The newsletter is distributed electronically to all district officers, committee chairs, special appointees, and club presidents. A print subscription my be ordered at a cost of $5 per year. Payment should be mailed to our newsletter editor, Suzanne Smith (address available in the Northern District Yearbook).

Northern District Yearbook - this is a publication of the district and includes leadership information, standing rules, reporting information and more. A copy of the yearbook may be ordered for $6, postage paid. Payment should be mailed to our handbook editor, Lee Conley (address available in the yearbook).

GFWC Virginia Clubwoman - this is a publication of GFWC Virginia and may be produced four times per year. 

Online subscriptions are free to all member of GFWC Virginia and accessible with an ID and password provided by GFWC VA Headquarters. Your district officers and chairman, as well as club presidents receive notification of online availability and can provide access information.

Paper subscriptions - A one-year, hard copy subscription is available for $15.00, with a minimum of 3 issues. The subscription form is available on the GFWC Virginia website and in the GFWC Virginia Yearbook. Complimentary, hard copies of this publication are mailed to each GFWC Virginia Past President.

Submitting Content - Clubs are encouraged to submit information and pictures regarding projects of note to be published. Club news and articles should be sent to the Virginia Clubwoman editor. Deadlines to submit articles are included on the Northern District calendar.

GFWC Virginia Yearbook - this is a publication of GFWC Virginia and is published in the first year of an administration to provide leadership information, bylaws, standing rules, and reporting information. A supplement is published in the second year of an administration. The yearbook is accessible on the GFWC Virginia website with an ID and password provided by GFWC VA Headquarters. A hardcopy of the yearbook may be ordered online from the GFWC Virginia Marketplace (cost is $10)

GFWC Clubwoman Magazine - this is the premier publication of GFWC, and is one of the most useful and beneficial communication tools available to inform and educate members. 

Subscriptions - A one-year, hard copy subscription is available for $10.00 ($8 per member with 100% of club subscribing). Visit the GFWC website to subscribe today. A complimentary copy of this magazine is mailed to each Club President and should be shared with members.

GFWC News and Notes - this is GFWC's weekly e-newsletter designed to keep clubwomen and friends up-to-date on GFWC activities. Visit the GFWC website to view the current and past editions of this publication. To receive News & Notes, email

GFWC Club Manual - The GFWC Club Manual is the best resource for your club's efforts in enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. Read about each of GFWC's advancement areas, community service programs, and special projects. You'll also find complete rules and criteria for all of GFWC's awards, contests, and grants, along with the guidelines for the new reporting system.