Membership in a Northern District Club

If you have a membership question, or would like to join a Northern District Club, contact our Membership Director Cherie Lejeune, who will put you in touch with a great club in your area. View the Club Directory for a complete list of Northern District clubs.

GFWC Virginia Membership - New members are the gold at the end of the rainbow. We must open our doors and our club home to members. Encourage promotion of our clubs, our districts, and our Federation. We must be open to changes needed within our individual clubs to rebuild membership. Finally, we must make the adjustments that will attribute to Retaining and Recruiting members as well as Renewing and Rebuilding our clubs. Visit the GFWC Virginia website for access to a host of resources to assist in your club's membership efforts.

GFWC Membership Advancement Guide (this is a link to a PDF file available via the GFWC web site) - this publication from GFWC is a resource to help Clubs in their membership recruitment and retention efforts. There is also information on planning events, forming new Clubs, and reporting. Additionally, this guide provides details on membership awards, contests, and grants.