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Access everything your Club and members need in order to report, pay dues, apply for awards and grants, or learn about each of GFWC's advancement areas, community service programs, and special projects can be found at the GFWC Virginia website

Leadership Forms

GFWC LEADS - The application deadline has passed.


  • To Apply: By April 15, 2021, submit to District President the Virginia LEADS Application Form. An electronic copy is available on the GFWC Virginia website

Forms and Reporting Tools

    • Forms & Reporting on GFWC Virginia site

    • Reporting Instructions for Clubs

    • GFWC VA Narrative Report Form Instructions

    • Reporting Instructions for District Chairmen

    • GFWC Virginia Statistical Report Form - Annual Club Record

    • GFWC Dues & Contributions

    • Northern District Dues Form

GFWC Club ManualThe 2020-2022 GFWC Club Manual is the best resource for your club's efforts in enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. The Club Manual Revision document will include detailed updates to each section, and when those updates were made.

GFWC Awards, Contests and Grants