About Us:

The Northern District of GFWC VA was organized in 1924. Currently we have 21 General Clubs, and 1 Junior Clubs with a combined membership of over 1,000.

The Northern District serves as a communication link; disseminating information and promoting Federation policies and projects between the GFWC, the GFWC VA, and our District clubs. The local ties with our State and International organizations keep us strongly aware of the opportunities for community service, provide leadership opportunities for our members, and promote a sense of fellowship that leads to life-long friendships.

GFWC Virginia - Under the sponsorship of the Lynchburg Woman's Club led by Alice Kyle, the leaders of ten women's organizations created the Virginia Federation of Wornen's Clubs (VFWC) in 1907. Our name was changed to GFWC Virginia in 2002. GFWC VA is divided into 8 districts, and has a total of 173 clubs with a combined membership of over 4,800.

GFWC - The General Federation of Women's clubs is the oldest and largest volunteer women's organization in the world with millions of members worldwide in 40 countries. The Federation is much like a pyramid with our local clubs as the foundation, and the apex being the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC). In 1927 Junior Clubs for Women were introduced into Federation.

Project Highlights

Northern District Project: The maintenance of the gardens at GFWC Headquarters in D.C. continues to be a labor of love for Northern District.

GFWC Virginia State Project: Step up to Stop Human Trafficking

GFWC Signature Project: GFWC is a national leader in the fight to end domestic violence by raising awareness about this social issue. By supporting existing activities, working with various established programs, and initiating educational opportunities for club members and local citizens, the goal of the GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention is to increase awareness and prevention of the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse in communities across the nation.