Northern District of GFWC Virginia

Congratulations to the 

2024-2026 Northern District Executive Board

President - Yvonne Sening

1st Vice President -  Celeste Corrigan

2nd Vice President - Diane Tuninga

3rd Vice Presdient - Jaclyn Francis

Secretary - Barbara Levermann

Treasurer - Kathy Cain

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Officers & Chairmen

Northern District - President's Project

Be Kind; Mental Health Matters.

This President's Project theme is intentionally broad to enable your Clubs to focus on different aspects of the theme in different community service program areas, whether in your Education and Libraries program, your Health and Wellness program, or in your Civic Engagement program.

Be Kind. How can random acts of kindness impact others? How can we encourage others to perform more random acts of kindness? How many acts of random kindness can your Club perform in a month? In a year?

Conversely, let’s raise awareness of how being unkind impacts other, specifically, bullying. Did you know that 1 in 5 students is bullied on a daily basis? Did you know that students who experience bullying are at an increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and dropping out of school? And bullying doesn’t just occur in schools among children, it occurs online, it occurs in group gatherings, among both children, teens, young adults, and older adults. And it hurts! 

How do we turn this around? How do we make an impact in our communities? We change our actions, we raise awareness, we educate others, and we reduce the stigma!  During the 2024-2026 GFWC Virginia Northern District Administration, I challenge you all! Take a journey with me, treat others kindly, raise awareness of the impacts of bullying, teach others about bullying prevention, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Do you like to volunteer & want to make new friends? 

Join one of our great clubs!  We're located throughout Northern Virginia. We always welcome new members!

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Please contact the VP of Northern District Membership  if you need any assistance.

Northern District Annual Meeting 2024

Northern District members gathered together in April to conduct the Annual meeting. We enjoyed fellowship time together, an art show and discussed our District business & activities. 

Congratulations to the new Executive Board Members for 2024-2026! 

Our next gathering will be the Fall meeting October 5, 2024. We hope to see you there!

Congratuations to the Woodbridge Woman's Club!

The Woodbridge Woman's Club was recently featured on the local news channel WUSA 9 for their wonderful work sewing heart-shaped pillows for cancer patients! For the past decade, the WWC has been uplifting cancer patients and together they have sewn more than 1,000 pillows! This group of ladies gets together twice a month to sew and enjoy fellowship time together. Way to go ladies!!

What is the Northern District?

The Northern District is a group of 20 General Clubs, 1 Junior Club and 2 Juniorette Clubs, mostly located in the Northern Virginia region.  The combined membership of our clubs is 745 ladiesWe make a difference together!

Northern District of GFWC Virginia was organized in 1924 and is 1 of 8 districts within GFWC Virginia.

We support our community with volunteer programs in Arts & Culture, Civic Engagement & Outreach, Education & Libraries, Environment and Health & Wellness, Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention and Advocates for Children.

Northern District - News

Northern District Newsletter - February 2024

Northern District Newsletter - September 2023

Northern District Newsletter - June 2023 Special Edition

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Northern District Fall meeting

October 2023 

Good times together! 

Northern District Members hosted the GFWC Virginia Convention in Harrisonburg - 

Great job ladies!!

Northern District clubs do amazing work!

During 2022, Northern District Clubs have been working hard!  Combined we have 711 members, who volunteered 61,503 hours & donated $262,880!

Our club members have supported women's shelters, provided food those in need, placed wreaths on graves, planted native plant gardens, picked up litter along streets, worked in hospitals, organized blood drives and lots more!  

Club women are kind, thoughtful and giving of their time. We make a difference in our community!

Northern District Art Show 2024

Members displayed their artistic talents at the Annual meeting in April. The 1st prize winners will move on to the GFWC Virginia Art Show.